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Discover the single-handed device that makes peripheral IV (PIV) placement simpler and more consistently successful than ever — even for the most challenging vasculature.

Clinician’s gloved hand holding the SonoStik IV Guidewire Introducer by the fingertips


Easier for you. Easier on your patients.

SonoStik transforms even the trickiest stick into an easy, first-try success and a quick, more comfortable experience for the patient. Easy to use, intuitively functional, and cost-efficient, SonoStik fits seamlessly into hospital standards of care for PIV catheter placement.

VeroTrue™ catheter

Trackwheel guidewire advancer

Patented single-handed design

Integrated sterile guidewire

A clinician’s golved hand holding SonoStik, a device for placing peripheral IVs

All-in-one sterile unit

SonoStik contains every component needed for a successful, single-handed PIV procedure:

  • Integrated guide wire is fully enclosed to ensure sterility.
  • Track wheel enables one-handed guide wire advancement — freeing the other hand for a portable ultrasound.

Enhancing trusted methods

SonoStik’s design and functionality were inspired by thousands of hours of practical clinical experience. Our device is built to complement clinicians’ skills and training, and to streamline familiar vascular access methods.

Optimized for ultrasound

With its unique single-handed design, SonoStik is purpose-built to pair with modern portable ultrasound equipment — making it an optimal choice for challenging peripheral IV procedures.

Easy, intuitive control

SonoStik’s functional, ergonomic design feels comfortable and natural in the clinician’s hand. Quick, confident, and consistent PIV placement has never felt so simple.

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Hawaa Almansouri, MD
Hawaa Almansouri, MDCo-Founder, Chairperson of SonoStik BoD
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“SonoStik solves a constant challenge we know our peers face nearly every day.”
Neal Sikka, MD
Neal Sikka, MDCo-Founder, Chief Medical Officer
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“We created SonoStik because we know it’s a solution our fellow physicians truly need.”
Adam Corman, MD
Adam Corman, MDCo-Founder, Director of Medical R&D
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“Ultrasound guidance has set a new clinical standard. SonoStik makes it feasible for more PIVs than ever.”
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SonoStik works.

Successfully place a PIV catheter with just a few quick steps, even with DIVA patients.


How SonoStik


SonoStik’s unique design and functionality set it apart from 

conventional venous access devices.

SonoStik IV Guidewire Introducer

Teleflex Arrow® Endurance™

Indicated for peripheral access

Single-handed use

Optimized for ultrasound

Integrated sterile guidewire


Standard path for ultrasound-guided procedures

SonoStik fits as seamlessly into your billing processes as it does into your clinical procedures. Use of a peripheral vascular access device is considered integral to intravenous infusions and injections, so SonoStik does not need to be reported separately from the primary procedure (intravenous infusion, injection, etc.).

  • Procedure code may also be combined with the CPT code for ultrasound guidance (76937).
  • Always list CPT 76937 separately in addition to the primary procedure code, with a permanent recording and reporting of the event.
Reference: 1. SonoStik IV Guidewire Introducer Instructions for Use (IFU).